You are a resilient spirit who deserves to honor the integration of peace of mind and balanced energy into your daily life.

Breath Medicine is exactly that… medicine. For your mind, spirit, and even your body. Through a medium to high-intensive breathing technique taught by me and accompanied by my live music, you will be able to access parts of yourself that are not available during your regular waking state. With this powerful breath that I safely guide you through, you will experience an expansive and transformative journey that leads to a state of deep peace and tranquility. Breathwork is a beautiful choice you’ve made for yourself and your evolution!

After teaching you these healing breathing techniques, you’ll sit or lay down. For about an hour, you’ll be immersed in beautiful sound waves of crystal and Tibetan bowls, gongs, harp, drums, and ambient music. The clutter of your mind dissipates as you ease into deep clarity with each deep inhale and exhale while I will guide your senses to become fully heightened and awakened, diving deeper into your subconscious mind for healing and clarity.

After each session, you will feel a deep sense of relaxation, come out with more clarity around your life purpose, feel a surge of confidence, feel physically and emotionally cleansed, and even access answers to questions about your current life state.

These sessions are offered in-person in group or individual setting, or online via Skype or Zoom.

For more information, contact us.