Awaken the Goddess Within

You are worthy of feeling strong, empowered, grounded, and alive in your body at all times!

As long as we can remember, women’s natural and powerful gifts have been suppressed throughout our lineage, but it does not have to remain this way.

With breathwork and movement, you will…

Liberate your sacred and sensual nature by utilizing this divine feminine state to reclaim your inner knowing and inherent goddess energy regardless of external circumstances, generational trauma, old programming, or past experiences. While it may feel difficult at first for some, with practice it will feel natural, as though you were born to do this (which you were!). 

Get in touch with your sensual nature at a level you may have never experienced. The divine feminine is creative power which is how we manifest our heart’s desires. Female sensuality is beyond powerful, and that is why it is so suppressed. This liberating sacred sensual breath and movement will bring to life the clarity and confidence needed so that you can express this divine part of you in everyday life without fear. With your breath, you will be immersed deeply into an orgasmic state through your senses and inner knowing that provides the compass to your inner bliss. This allows you to also know yourself better so that you know what is best for you.

Simply enjoy being the sensual goddess that you already are. The truth is that it is always there, waiting for us to tap into ourselves, and we don’t need another to reach this place within ourselves. You can tap into this power any time and it is your innate right to do so!

Awaken and embody your powerful feminine energy, which allows you to work from your own internal power by using breath and movement to embody your inherent power and sacred gifts. Once you’ve fully tuned in with your inner divine self, you will move and act from the divine inner self; a connection to freedom, confidence, radical self-expression, ready to create everything you desire and express yourself freely and fully.

Connect more deeply and pleasurably to your body. As women, we tend to carry too much self-criticism and lack of acceptance for our brilliant minds, bodies, and spirits that all do so much for us. Your body is your home while you’re here on earth — it is your divine birthright to connect with yourself, feel at home in your body, and live life with an exuberant sense of joy and beauty. This breathwork connects you to your sensual self-expression of womanhood so that you can find ways to move your body in the most satisfying ways.

Be the self-possessed woman you’ve always wanted to be with the power of your own breath and movement as the medicine for your thriving well-being. I am honored to do this work closely with you and lead you through this sacred journey to immerse yourself into your true divinity through sensual bliss. If you’re already on this journey, this breath and movement is a wonderful way to boost this energy and keep it strong.

These sessions are offered in-person in group or individual setting, or online via Skype or Zoom.

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