Like you, I sought to connect more deeply to myself.

Like you, I have felt lost and without purpose.

Together, we are stronger through the experience of potent, liberating breathwork.

Throughout my journey, I have learned to connect deeply to my inner guidance and life purpose. Today I am a healer dedicated to pass on what I’ve learned through study as well as my own life experience, so that you can find the healing power of these methods within yourself as well. Originally from Venezuela, I came to the United States at the age of six. As a child, I learned intuitively to meditate through creative visualization, which connected me deeply to my spirit and led me to pursue the healing arts. Despite intuitively awakening to these gifts as a child, I still experienced what most people do: a mundane work life that shut down the most significant part of my happiness.

Be more deeply in touch with yourself…

After 13 years of unfulfilling government work, two herniated discs, and chronic pain, enough was enough. I finally listened to my body and faced my fears of changing my life for the better and living from my authentic soul’s mission. I surrendered to my power and became a channel of the dance of light. During my dance of light meditations, symbols appear as I travel through space and time in different dimensions, encountering light codes with specific colors and geometric shapes. With my ability to enter into these dimensions, I now guide others to connect with their true essence through breathwork, sound therapy, and movement.

…and open up to a world of peace!

It has been my journey and experience that through the purposeful use of breath, you can unleash deep, ever-unfolding, and healing connections with your light-code being. With committed daily practice of breathwork, I was able to heal my chronic pain and herniated discs, whereas doctors only gave me two solutions: surgery or more tests. But my body had spoken: my current life wasn’t working for me, and I was finally ready for authentic change. The more I gave myself to this dedicated practice, the more I liberated myself from the jail I created in my head of what should be done every day, how I needed to be seen in this world, and what I had to do to protect this image of me which was a lie. Your body is full of wisdom, and through breathwork and sound frequencies, you can tap into an endless well of information that will support your healing and thriving in the world.

Make relaxation a priority in your busy life.

With my passion for the use of sound frequencies and music to enhance spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing to others, I knew my calling was to teach and serve people worldwide. Drawing from ancient spiritual traditions, I utilize voice, gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, drums, and ambient music in conjunction with breathwork and movement to down-shift waking consciousness, which can be noisy and stress-inducing, into a state of deep relaxation and meditative trance.

Let’s manifest wholeness together.

After growing weary of my debilitating experiences of chronic pain and monotonous daily living, I now live my life following my inner truth while navigating through life’s dynamic changes. This took intention, courage, practice, commitment, and an open heart and mind. ​As a Breathwork coach, Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, and practitioner of Holotropic and Transformational Breathwork, I’ll teach you how to connect with your inner guidance and life purpose so that you can achieve the same.