My Story

My catholic upbringing meant shame and guilt surrounding sex and sexuality were a norm for me. However, through intuitive meditation, creative visualization, sacred breathwork, and tantric teachings, I learned to shatter the shackles of guilt and shame that were holding me back. I built a spiritual connection so strong, my life’s purpose simmered to the surface at a very young age.

But alas, this was only the first chapter of my life. The corporate world broke down everything I’d built up, shutting down my femininity.

Thankfully, I found the on-switch again…but it took over a decade.

After 13 years stuck with a soul-destroying government job, chronic pain, and a miserable relationship (ergo, miserable sex…) I decided enough was enough. I’d faked enough orgasms. I’d worn a fake smile for too long, and been desperately unhappy on a level far deeper than I could ever have imagined. I was tired of going through the emotionless robot motions, feeling my soul rot away day… by day…by day. I knew that finding true happiness wouldn’t be easy – but I also knew that accepting this was the only way to start my journey of healing.

As soon as I realized and accepted the truth, my entire body, mind and spirit kicked into gear. I started listening to my body – really listening – and surrendering to my inner guidance and essence. That’s how I faced my fears. I looked them in the eye and chose to change my life for the better.

I firmly believe that every woman holds a sacred feminine deep within, but unfortunately, it’s often clouded by the heavy weights of guilt and shame. The good news is that the moment these burdens are lifted, your sacred feminine will be set free – and you won’t believe what she’s got in-store for your confidence, your bliss and, best of all, your sex life…just look at me. The moment I started to seek answers from within, everything changed. I made a point of connecting to my sacred feminine at a heart level on the daily. And guess what? I healed my chronic pain myself. No doctors, no dodgy medicine, no more drowning in misery.

You won’t believe what you can be capable of if you can just surrender to your sacred feminine like I did. You can find your soul mate, reclaim your sensual sovereignty and – the more you practice – the more liberated you’ll become day by day. You’ll realize that in order to break the shackles you’ve been bound by for so many years, you’ll need to take it up with the person who created them.


Once you’re free, you’ll no longer care about who you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to be seen, or what you’re supposed to do with your life. You’ll live on your terms built on your own rituals, and your sacred feminine won’t hide anymore. She’ll rise to the surface like the morning sun, begging you to embrace her and let her heal you, support you, and feed you with an endless well of information, wisdom, and joy. And you’ll have no choice but to oblige.

Prioritize Pleasure in Your Busy Life

Hi there! My name is Odette Cecilia, and once upon a time, I was just like you.

I craved a deeper connection with myself.

And so, I embarked on a journey that revealed potential the likes of which I could never have imagined, and today, I can confidently say that I am deeply connected to my divine feminine energy.

Now, I want to help you achieve the same by sharing what I learned through study and raw life experience. I’ve powered through extensive training to reach where I am today, having studied psychology at Texas Tech University and at the Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. I’ve also spend over 5,000 hours helping women thrive while continuously educating myself in the healing arts, tantric teachings, and therapeutic work. Rest assured – you’re in good hands with this intimacy coach.

Not all women are the same, and the process you go through to awaken your divine feminine energy will be unique. I’m here to be your coach, guide, and biggest mascot, giving you the tools and rituals you need to find her in your own way. I want to help you find the “sense” in sensuality, awakening your senses and discovering the divine gift of pleasure that has no place locked away inside.

Let’s manifest wholeness together.