Odette Cecilia, originally from Venezuela, came to the United States at the age of six. As a child, Odette learned intuitively to meditate through creative visualization. Her depth of spirit led to her interest in and love of the healing arts, and most specifically, the use of sound frequencies and music to enhance spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing in others.

Drawing from ancient spiritual traditions, Odette utilizes voice, gongs, crystal and Tibetan bowls, drums, and ambient music in conjunction with breathwork and movement to down-shift normal waking consciousness to a state of deep relaxation and meditative trance.

​Odette is a Reiki master, HeartMath coach and a practitioner of Holotropic and Transformational breathwork. Odette lives her life following her own inner truth while navigating through life’s dynamic changes and teaches others how to connect with their own inner guidance and life purpose.